About IconSaver

IconSaver is a small Windows utility that saves and restores icons' positions on the Desktop window. It has been tested on the Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

IconSaver is shareware. Feel free to evaluate it for 30 days. After that period if you want to continue to use IconSaver, you must register it. Register fee is only $5. If you register, you are entitled to all future upgrades free of charge.

Main features:

  • Icons' positions are saved for each desktop resolution
  • Automatic icon restoration on desktop resolution change
  • Built-in editor for icons' positions manipulation
  • Desktop shell extension context menu
  • System-wide hotkeys

Version history:

IconSaver 2.2

  • Added option for hiding icons
  • Added password protection for saving icons
  • Added sort by X and Y columns in the IconSaver Editor
  • Fixed IconSaver Editor bugs

IconSaver 2.1

  • Added system-wide hotkeys for save/restore icons and tray icon toggle
  • Fixed bug: In certain cases on Windows XP "Save Icons" didn't work

IconSaver 2.01

  • Just a small visual update, added Windows XP icons